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art - what for?

The reasons for buying works of art are as manifold as the buyers. Each of those reasons is good enough to do it.

One of them could be INVESTMENT. Works of art do not lose value or go out of fashion. They are valuable objects you can invest your money in and then, after some time, if you wish, you can sell.

Your personal private collection of art can be passed on to future generations as your family HERITAGE, similarly to jewellery, china or even albums with photographs of the past. It is a remarkable gift of both artistic and sentimental value.

If you purchase a work of art as a part of HOUSE decoration, you will learn how much it can influence the character of the interior. Not only will it fill the empty space and enrich the colour palette of the room, but it will also create a unique ambiance of the place so that it will become more individual in character. You do not need to worry about your friends hanging the very same landscape in their living room, since the art purchased with ArtInside is always unique .

Young people who become parents usually do their best to make sure that their children develop well and quickly. They buy educational toys, teach their children stimulating games and enrol them for additional classes. In the process of UPBRINGING it is the environment in which the child grows up that is important. It is also true for the world of objects the children are surrounded with. Art is an authentic and beautiful world. Familiarity with this world from early childhood influences the child’s sensitivity by shaping their aesthetic needs and expanding their scope of experiences. Take advantage of the natural curiosity and receptivity of your children and get them in touch with artistic objects.

There are moments in life which we want to make special and there are people who we want to feel special. These are the right moments to look for something extraordinary, which by all means can be art. A GIFT of a beautiful drawing, an artistic photograph or a painting is a splendid idea. You do not need to worry that someone will double the gift, since art is always unique and original. By offering somebody such a gift you can be certain that you will remain in their memory. Our Gallery offers various works in many price ranges, which means that you will be able to find something for every occasion and for every budget.

The OFFICE or the study is the space where we spend a substantial part of our lives. It is then worth making it cosier and more individual. Complementing the interior with an original piece of art will also add some prestige and impress your clients. It will show the company's class and the fine taste of the host.

Contact with beauty always does us good. Be it the beauty of nature, of sounds or products of human artistic expression – beauty always has a positive influence on the way we feel.

Then, come to ARTINSIDE – it is so easy to cheer yourself up!

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