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Piotr Paweł Drozdowicz

Piotr Paweł Drozdowicz

The graduate of the academy of fine arts in Poznan. In 1998 he received a diploma with distinguishing in the mural art. The grant holder of Minister of Culture and Art in Warsaw and French government. In 1998-1999 he took an artistic internship in l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Rennes in France. In 2014 he gained a doctorate on the University of Arts in Poznań. He is an assistant professor on the Faculty of Architecture in the Poznan University of Technology

He is a painter. He specializes in oil painting, watercolour and mural art especially in techniques al fresco, al secco, as well as Keim technique A. In his artistic work  he seeks the Beauty and the harmony in the art. He believes in the continuity of painting traditions in spite of experiments of  avant-garde. He looks for new forms and the painting tongue simultaneously he refers to former painting techniques and exploits experience of the classical painting. In projects of the painting in architecture he seeks spatial and aesthetic relations with architectural objects aspiring to making them rich and transformed. His artistic work constitutes the alternative for street art and for the graphics large-format called mural. More...

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