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Małgorzata  Sekuła

Małgorzata Sekuła

Born on 18 March 1990 in Garwolin. She graduated from the University of Arts in Poznań (undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Painting). Was awarded scholarships from the Minister of Arts and Culture, President of Lublin and Rector of the University of Arts. Nominated for the artistic prize at the competition ‘Nowy Obraz / Nowe Spojrzenie’ in 2013. Participated in numerous exhibitions, both at home and abroad. Her interests focus on art, design, culture and humanities. In her free time she likes to travel and learn foreign languages.


- Royal Castle in Sandomierz, 2008

- ‘Norwid’ Gallery in Lublin, 2009

- Museum of Textiles in Łódź, national exhibition of the best graduation works of art schools, 2010

- the Palace of Fine Arts in Kraków, 2010

- University of Arts in Poznań, 2011

- ‘Fabryka drutu’ in Trzciel, 2012

- ‘Kotłownia’ Gallery in Garwolin, 2012

- Regional Museum in Słupca, 2012

- participated in the exhibition ‘Nowy Obraz. Nowe Spojrzenie’ at the University of Arts in Poznań, 2013

- participated in the ‘Figurama’ drawing biennial in Bratislava, 2013

- ‘W cieniu Garncarskiej’ (In the shadows of Garncarska Street), University of Arts in Poznań, 2013

- ‘Obrazy dla realnego świata’ (Images for the real world), Ptapty, Teatr Polski in Poznań, 2014

- ‘Odloty i Przyloty’ (Departures and Arrivals), University of Arts in Poznań, 2014

- ‘Bonus Track’, Brunon Hermann’s House in Poznań, 2014.

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